Sometimes the answer we're searching for is right in front of us, we just have to pay attention to see it.

The answer is in the problem.

Did you know that often times the answer comes prepackaged with the problem? Don't believe?
Let's cite an example.

In a recent discovery session a client raised an issue she was having. She was getting a lot of email queries, but very few of those queries were turning into real sales leads. She was a little frustrated.

I asked her "what is your most successful tool for winning new customers?"

"Phone calls" she said.

"When you receive an email query, what is your typical response?"

"Well I usually reply with the requested details"

"Do you at any point solicit a phone number from the person inquiring in order to close the sale on the phone?"


"Do you know what you have to do?"

"Yes," she replied smiling.

Sometimes your problem contains the solution. Are you taking the time to analyze it.

Here are some useful steps to try.

1. State the problem as clearly and as detailed as possible. Write it down if possible.
2. Identify your goal or objective.
3. What's getting in the way? What is missing from the equation?
4. Can you identify why it's missing?
5. Is there something you can do about it? Write it down.
6. Do it?

In summary, when faced with a problem, identify the desired state first, then identify where you are (what are you currently doing?), and lastly how far are you from the desired state (what aren't you doing?). Had my client taken the time to analyze the problem by applying this method, she'd have been able to realize that the solution was far more obvious that she imagined. She'd have realized that all she needed to do was to try to get each potential customer to get on the phone with her.

Have you ever used this method? What were the results?

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